a16z crypto research is a new kind of multidisciplinary lab that bridges the worlds of academic theory and industry practice to advance the science and technology of the next generation of the internet.

We work closely with builders and researchers in our portfolio companies, and with other industry experts, to address the most important challenges in crypto. Some of these include how decentralized computational infrastructure will scale and evolve; how token incentives in protocols should be structured to align all participants; how to translate cutting-edge cryptographic and privacy-preserving tools into practice; and how to best build token economies across games, social networks, and other applications.

We focus on:
  • Collaborating with academics, developers, and entrepreneurs to produce original research and advance web3 technology
  • Helping our portfolio companies address and solve hard technical problems
  • Helping shape crypto and web3 as a formal area of study across various fields relevant to the space, and sharing results via open source, education, or other public contributions
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Each member of the a16z crypto research team is a leader in their field, with a track record of outstanding research in web3 and experience deploying their contributions in real-world applications