The a16z crypto policy team works with founders, lawmakers, and regulators around the globe to help shape the legislation that will govern the future of web3.

At a16z crypto, we support clear, thoughtful, and responsible regulation of web3. We believe in crypto's transparent ethos and are dedicated to making policy open and understandable for all.

To unlock the full potential of web3, we support the following core principles while working with lawmakers around the globe:
Public policy that advances technology for the next generation of the internet

Innovation creates jobs, keeps the U.S. competitive and a world leader and, and secures the future for all. Crypto and web3 are critical to this next phase of the internet and industry, and so we will always take a pro-innovation stance.

Non-partisan or bipartisan, and cross-agency, collaboration

Web3 is one of the rare policy conversations that can bridge the political spectrum. This growing industry and technology includes a host of activities and opportunities that demand different expertise in a variety of domains that cut across agencies. To effectively legislate, all perspectives should be considered across various agencies working together for an enduring long-term set of solutions.

Responsible regulation of businesses, not software

Fundamentally we believe that all legislation and regulation should focus on businesses and not the protocols or technology itself. This has a long standing precedent, but has become increasingly important with new web3 use cases.

Transparent rule making

We believe transparent policymaking is the most effective and long-lasting way to provide clear “rules of the road” for the web3 community and consumers.

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