Mike is an Executive Talent Partner for a16z crypto, helping portfolio companies build executive hiring strategies, find and retain executive leaders for their projects.

Prior to joining a16z crypto, Mike was an Executive Recruiter at Netflix, where he helped build out a network of studio executives to work in-house on Netflix films. Prior to Netflix, he was with Facebook where he was a Technical Recruiter in the Bay Area.

Mike is an avid hiking fan, having grown up in the Bronx, where trees are few and far between. The serenity and absence of cell signal is where he does his best self work. Biggest claim to fame: Completing Half Dome in Yosemite – a ~16 hour hike. When not roaming around the woods, he’s a big gym rat.

Mentoring and giving back are passions of his, as he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is without the help of others who came before him. He is a current mentor to high school students via Good City Mentors.