Chief Marketing Officer

Kim Milosevich is the chief marketing officer of crypto where she is responsible for the brand, marketing, events and communications of Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto fund and web3 efforts. Prior to a16z crypto, Kim was VP of communications at Coinbase where she took the company through its direct listing while leading internal, policy, product and corporate communications internationally.

Prior to Coinbase, Kim spent over seven years at a16z focused on marketing and communications, conceiving of and launching the firm’s content effort including the a16z podcast, launching the firm’s bio and crypto funds and creating Crypto Startup School.

Prior to a16z, Kim held communications roles at Skype and Yahoo! based in London, working with corporate, product and policy teams around the globe. In addition to managing communications for established tech brands, she launched and advised a wide range of tech startups while working at the Outcast Agency. She has a BS in Economics and International Business from Penn State University.