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Luca Zanolini

In this work, Luca Zanolini (Ethereum Foundation) presents RLMD-GHOST, a synchronous consensus protocol that not only ensures dynamic availability but also maintains safety during bounded periods of asynchrony. This protocol is particularly appealing for practical systems where strict synchrony assumptions may not always hold, contrary to general assumptions in standard synchronous protocols. Additionally, Luca presents the “generalized sleepy model,” within which the results are proven. This model extends Pass and Shi’s original sleepy model with more generalized and stronger constraints on the corruption and sleepiness power of the adversary. This approach allows the exploration of a wide range of dynamic participation regimes, spanning from complete dynamic participation to no dynamic participation. Consequently, this model provides a foundation for analyzing dynamically available protocols.

About the speaker

Luca serves as a Research Scientist at the Ethereum Foundation and is actively engaged in the design and analysis of both short term and long term enhancements to Ethereum’s consensus mechanism. Currently, his main focus is on characterising and devising dynamically available consensus protocols, and exploring single-slot finality for Ethereum.

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