On the decentralized web and human rights around the world: 'Hacking Authenticity'

Jonathan Dotan

For over two decades, Jonathan Dotan has navigated the intersections of media, tech, and policy — as a tech founder, investor, and Emmy-nominated producer, including six seasons as a writer on HBO’s Silicon Valley. Dotan is also the founding director of The Starling Lab at Stanford University & USC — which prototypes tools and principles to bring historians, legal experts, and journalists into the new era of web3 — and where he leads applied research on the decentralized web and human rights.  

Dotan is also a fellow at Stanford’s Center for Blockchain Research and a lecturer at Stanford’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Graduate School of Business. He recently delivered this short presentation on the “enduring promise of web3” at our second annual a16z crypto Founders Summit (November 2023), followed by a discussion with a16z crypto’s Robert Hackett on how cryptographic technologies can help establish ground truth in conflict zones; the history of open source regulation; crises in various regions around the world, plus the role of technology; and more. You can listen to that podcast conversation as well, here: https://web3-with-a16z.simplecast.com…