Interactive Storytelling A Creator's Journey: 'Pleased 2 Meet U'


Multidisciplinary artist Emily Yang aka pplpleasr went from visual effects (her credits include feature films like Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, Star Trek Beyond as well as commercials and game cinematics) to defining “the look” of the DeFi movement and creating Fortune magazine’s first NFT cover… as well as other work and experiments along the way. Now the co-founder of decentralized content studio and creator platform Shibuya, [] Yang recently shared her journey as a creator — and the various forks, paths, and culmination of it all — in an interactive-storytelling talk at our inaugural a16z crypto Founder Summit (November 2022).

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MORE: You can also find a past talk with Yang, on “Why DAOs matter for digital art” in conversation with a16z crypto’s Arianna Simpson at our NFT Summit (May 2021), here:    • Why DAOs Matter for Digital Art