Beyond ZK: Next Steps for Compliance and Constrained Encryption on Blockchains

Matthew Green

Since Nakamoto introduced the original Bitcoin protocol, a number of research works have sought to extend blockchains using advanced cryptographic technology. Much of this research has dealt with the use of (succinct) zero-knowledge to achieve privacy and scalability in blockchain protocols. Unfortunately ZK techniques have limits: they do not allow for the implementation of arbitrary computation functionalities where many parties have secret data. In this talk, Matt Green (Johns Hopkins) introduces several novel applications for blockchains, including the use of blockchains as a key ingredient in building secure computation technologies like one-time programs. Finally, Matt show how these techniques can be used to improve the security of custody technologies and to implement compliance techniques on blockchains.

About the speaker

Matt is an Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins. He works on applied cryptography and privacy-preserving protocols. He is one of the founding scientists who developed the Zcash protocol and the ZEXE protocol.

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