A Creator's Journey to Self-Sovereignty: The Why Is in the Who


Music artist, worldbuilder, and emerging tech enthusiast Latashá is founder of TOPIA — a web3 media company/ label focused on onboarding and highlighting independent artists to the forefront of crypto, tech, and blockchains. She was also formerly head of community at NFT company ZORA.

As a singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, and performance artist — who voices and uses technology from NFTs to midi controllers — Latashá brings her experiences to new dimensions. She recently shared this short talk at our second annual a16z crypto Founder Summit in November 2023.

Latashá has also toured across the world with her work “BLAK”, and “Teen Nite at Empire”; is working on new albums; and is currently raising to support a label and home for creative media. More links on/ from Latashá here: https://linktr.ee/callmelatasha