a16z Podcast: The Regulatory Landscape for Crypto

Katie HaunRobin WeismanSonal Chokshi

What’s going on, regulation-wise, in crypto? How should people who want to join a company or build something new in the space think about the regulatory environment? What to make of all the headlines, or the “alphabet soup” of agencies potentially involved in regulating crypto? This episode of the a16z Podcast shares principles — as well as key players/acronyms to know — for sorting the signal from the noise in the regulatory landscape for crypto.

The experts in conversation with a16z editorial partner Sonal Chokshi include: Robin Weisman, who helped found and is a lobbyist for Coin Center, a nonprofit policy research and advocacy group for cryptocurrencies; and was formerly a director of government relations at Nasdaq; and Kathryn (Katie) Haun, who teaches crypto at Stanford Business School; is on the boards of Coinbase and HackerOne; is a former federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice, where she led their first digital currency task force and prosecuted a number of cases in the space; and was recently announced as general partner.

The discussion is based on a panel that originally took place at the “Intro to Crypto” event that Andreessen Horowitz and #Angels put on in April 2018. You can see other talks from this event — including a video on the building blocks of crypto; as well as sessions on the big picture of decentralization to building companies in crypto, from people to code — here. This panel also presented the below slide, which is referenced in (but is not necessary to follow) this episode:

photo credit: Erin Brethauer

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