Chain Choices: Or, How to Decide What Blockchain to Build On

Sonal ChokshiGuy WuolletEddy Lazzarin

with @guywuolletjr @eddylazzarin @smc90

“Which blockchain should I build in?” Is a very top of mind question for builders in web3, including  for people coming into the space for the first time — but also relevant to anyone interested in tech innovation, tech stacks, and the evolution of infrastructure. So how does one decide among all the chain choices out there, particularly given how fast-moving the crypto and web3 space is? Things are constantly changing, things are still being built, and there’s no one size fits all answer…

So in this episode, we — a16z crypto’s Guy Wuollet, and CTO Eddy Lazzarin, in conversation with host Sonal Chokshi — tease apart all the tangled threads and nuances of the topic. In the first third of the discussion, we sketch out the overall landscape, why it matters, quick definitions. Then, we focus on common/ frequently asked questions, specific tradeoffs, and a framework for deciding which chain — including discussing different technical specs, as well as other dimensions such as: community, marketing & ecosystem support, security, custody, programming languages, and much, much more.
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